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The records below I've acted as producer, a role that I see as a split between temporary band member / recording engineer / personality manager / co-arranger / feedback giver. It's different every time and I love working with folks who have a singular musical identity, which I believe is true for every album below. 

ISAAC GILLESPIE - "Tropical climes"

We recorded the "Tropical Climes" single in my studio, and mixed it with Dan Knobler in Nashville. Isaac is an amazing songwriter and it was a joy to assemble the band for this song and get it to the finish line. Listen HERE.

DANKE - "You're RIght"

Danke AKA Shane Allen & I wrote and recorded "You're Right" together in a single day. I added some additional instruments after Shane went home to LA, brought my bud Josh Hari in to play bass, I laid down some crude live drums to blend with the programmed percussion, and the result is a song I am incredibly psyched on. Listen HERE.

ALLEGRA KRIEGER - The Joys of Forgetting

I produced and mixed Allegra's incredible new album "The Joys Of Forgetting" out on Northern Spy in August 2020

Starr Busby - "Wishing Tree"

Starr Busby and I are working on a full-length together, hear "Wishing Tree" now!

Renata Zeiguer

I worked on Renata's most recent LP "Old Ghost" and previous EP "Horizons", and before that she was a member of Landlady.  "Old Ghost" was engineered by Jake Aron, who also engineered the Landlady record "The World Is A Loud Place" and I will gladly work on hundreds more albums with him.


This band is a powerhouse of songwriting and sensitivity. They've made many albums since this one and you should dig into all of them, as well as Ian Davis' annual Davis Family Christmas album. 

Brass Magic

A Bay Area via Brooklyn back to the Bay brass band who don't sound quite like other brass bands. 

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